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Established in the year 2013, Kavivel International is leading in manufacturing, marketing, and rendering services by providing clay enriched products of various models based on our customer requirements. We are one of best renowned International and Domestic supplier of clay pots. We promise to deliver the best quality to our clients. The quality of our products and our customers satisfaction are the two ultimate goals that we aim for.

We Export

Biryani Clay Pots

Biryani Clay Pots are perfectly designed, manufactured, and delivered based on their performance and reliability. Based on the needs of our customers, these clay pots ensure the hotness of the cooked food for a prolonged period of time. Since these clay pots are extensively used by restaurants...,


Clay Firni Bowl

When we speak about the traditional Indian desserts, we cant forget about Firni, a thick creamy milk pudding enriched with cardamom and saffron. It is prepared used soaked basmati rice added to the milk and stirred continuously under low flame. At last, these delicious desserts are served in...,


Clay Kitchenware Pots

Clay Kitchen ware Pots are typical south Indian utensils made up of enriched raw materials by our proficient craftsmen. The major benefit is that the food prepared in these clay pots are healthy which preserves the naturistic taste of the ingredients used, They are easy to maintain and clean....,


Clay Cups

Based on your business requirements, we manufacture clay cups on custom shapes and size. In order to enhance your business, we help in imprinting your company logo in these clay cups. It sustains both hot and cold liquid items over a long period of time...,


Clay Ice-cream Pot

Kulfi, one of the traditional frozen dairy desserts known for its sweetening taste loses its frozen state when it is served using normal utensils. These kulfi 1moulds are served in clay kulfi pots which maintain its frozen state by slowing down the melting process by...,


Clay Mosquito Stand

Clay Mosquito Stands, manufactured in various custom sizes are used to handle mosquito coils. Using this Clay Mosquito stand, you can control the smoke liberated from the coils which are considered to be harmful to our health. All you have to do is just place the mosquito coil...,


Other Export Products



We are exporter and supplier of T-Shirts for both the genders (Adults and Infants), majorly from Tiruppur city. We supply Round Neck, V-Neck, Collared and Polo T-Shirts (Half Sleeves & Full Sleeves). We are very flexible to our customers that according to the requirement we customize and provide you the product.


Indian Spices

We do have strong network of suppliers for Spices and do export as per the customer requirement. Most popular supplied products are Black Pepper, Cumin, Basil and Black Gram. We assure that the products comes from Kavivel International will be one of the finest quality of any suppliers in world.


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